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Doing as He Wishes

Premiered : November ,2017, at "Habima" National Theater


Based on an Esty Weinstein's autobiography

Playwright: Moti Lerner

Dramaturgy and Direction: Aya Kaplan

Music: Dori Parnas

Stage Design: Judith Aharon

Costume Design: Avia Bash

Lighting Design: Keren Garnek

Choreography: Sharon Gal

Actors : Osnat Fishman, Yoav Donat, Yigal Sadeh, Mordi Gershon,  Orna Rothberg, Sivan Mast Aurelle, Maor, Neta Trum, Eleanor weil, Hen Bar, May Meller,  Nohar Koren/


A stage adaptation of a book by Esty Weinstein, daughter of a Gur Hasidic family, who left behind  the Haredi world and as a result was brutally cutoff from her children. A woman who had been silenced for many years, forced to obey the will of others, until that moment she could bear it no more. A short time before taking her own life, she broke her silence and published her book- It consists of a heart breaking story-  about Dasi, her husband Yaakov, and the Hasidic world- shrouded with secrets. "Please do whatever you can, so that people will hear about this book and read it", she wrote in her suicide note. Following her death, the tale of her torturous, dramatic, and tragic life was revealed.

For the first time, the story is performed on the theater stage.


"An emotional, piercing, social drama, reminding us that good theater is capable of motivating both anger and  change".

(Shai bar-Yaakov, "Yediot Aharonot")


"One of the most important and moving plays to recently perform on Israeli stages"

(Maya Nachum- Shachal, "Calcalist")


"A highly impressive performance …   a powerful play, which leaves a lasting influence on the viewer, due to a good story, great acting, and wonderful directing and writing!  Probably one of the best plays to be seen on stage in a long time".

(David Rosenthal, "Walla")


"A powerful play, not offering even one bit of consolation".

(Zvi Goren, "Habama")


Photography & Videography  Gerard Alon


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