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The Nether

Premiered : February, 2018, Khan Theater


Play: Jennifer Haley

Director: Aya Kaplan

Music: Avi Baleli

Stage Design: Svetlana Breger

Costume Design: Judith Aharon

Lighting Design: Roni Cohen

Choreography: Amit Zamir

Actors: Arie Cherner, Yehoyachin Fridlander, Ariel olf, Suzana Papian, Yael Toker/Irit pashtan


In this mesmerizing, futuristic thriller, taking place in the dungeons of the cyber police, an ambitious, young detective interrogates a man suspicious of a horrifying crime- running a virtual reality complex, which is a paradise for pedophiles from around the world.

The battle between the two minds becomes increasingly ruthless, threatening to expose dark secrets from the detective's personal history, and to ruin the investigation, as well as her own career and life.

The plot alternates between the interrogation room and the "nether"- the secret and tempting  paradise of forbidden desires- escalating towards its surprising, sophisticated ending.

The play won the "Suzan Smith Blackburn" prize, 2012.

"A thought- provoking play, causing one to move uncomfortably…"

(Dvora Namir, "Recommendation of the day")


A virtual, psychological crime drama, which will hunt your mind long after it ends… The greatness of the play is in the questions it raises, as well as in its lasting influence on the viewer… For all those addicted to the internet, as well as those who aren't- highly recommended!"

(Shula Gold, "Saloona")


Photography Yael Ilan

Videography Ram Gil


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