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The Return

Premiered: May 2019

Playwright and Director:  Aya Kaplan
Dramaturgy: Gur Koren
Stage Design: Svetlana Berger
Costume Design: Judith Aharon
Lighting: Keren Gernek
Music: Avi Balali
Movement: Amit Zamir
Video: Guy Romem
Actors: Neta Garti Odia Koren Shmuel Vilozwni/ Ohad Shahar  Ruth Assarsai , Maya Landsman,  Avi Termin, Assaf Solomon/ Gilad Shmueli, Ido Markovuch, Carmel Bin,  Ori Ziv-Gadnir/ Mark Kroglikov, Noa Meteraso,Emely Malshiba, Ivri Shay/Oron nadiv/Mako Dela Kruz 

Seventeen years ago, a young Noa had ran away from the wealthy Kibbutz in which she lived with her parents and sister, joined a cult led by Avihu ('the father')  Tishbi,  and disappeared. Now, following a large operation in which the police penetrated the cult and arrested Avihu, Noa is forced to return, together with her five children, to her parents house in the Kibbutz. She is shocked and furious of being torn away from her protected world, smashed back into the same reality she once fled. For the first time, she is forced to confront both her family and the demons from her past and to learn new disturbing facts about her life, while  also being interrogated  by two police detectives who believe she is covering up a horrible crime which took place in the cult. 

A drama which deconstructs the parental institution, as well as family and blood relations. 

"From the play's opening shot the events capture the attention of the audience… Both the emotional and intellectual qualities of the play create a strong and concentrated theatrical experience. An outstanding feminine work, with actresses in unforgettable appearances". 
Ido Dagan, "Zman Israel"

 Kaplan, once again, is investigating the "after-shock" effect…she succeeds in bringing about a different point of view, which raises questions regarding the family institution…".
Ilana Stern-Farji, "Ruth-Avor"

The Return

  Photography & Videography  Raday Rubinstain


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