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A Perfect Husband​

Premiered on february, 2011 at the Cameri  theatre


Playwright: Joshua Sobol

Director: Aya Kaplan

Stage Design: Kinneret Kish 

Costume Design: Judith Aharon

Lighting Design: Keren Gernek

Music: Tal Belcharovich

Actors: Aki Avni, Yoav Levi, Tamar Keinan, Yiftach Klein, Michal Yanai, Shlomo Vishinsky, Esty Kosovizky, Asaf Goldstein.


Roby Kor (Yiftach Klein), vice minister of infrastructures and his loving wife, Yafit (Tamar Keinan), celebrate at their fancy house his most recent success- the foundation of an ambitious project for green energy. Tina (Michal Yanai), who arrives at the party, is threatening to expose a forgotten chapter from his life, one of bribe and corruption.


"An effective and tightened drama by director Aya Kaplan" ("Galaz")

"a fascinating comedy written by Joshua Sobol" ("The Marker")

"Brilliant!" ("Yediot Achronot")

Photography by Gerard Alon


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