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Tales From Vienna Woods

Opening: July, 2007, Yoram Lewinstein Studio, Tel Avi


A Play By:Edmund Von Horvath

Translation and Adaptation: Dafna Zilber

Directed By: Aya Kaplan

Choreography: Amit Zamir

Stage and Costume Design: Judith Aharon

Music by: Udi Brener

Lighting Design: Amir Castro

Actors: Tom Marsiye, Yael Folman, Roni Ochana, Hadas Feder, Avi Sarusi, Aviv Pinkas, Uriya Chaik, Gili Borer, Seri Simchov Jade Daiches,Israel Kojinsky, Daniel Demidov, Orel Izikel, Dania Lansberg' Anna Zukerman, Yahav marom' Lishay  Ztaloy, tuvit semez and Stav Banit


A penetrating, ironic drama, featuring the common people of Vienna, at a time of economic depression and political turmoil, who survived the great war, while acknowledging, nevertheless, that the worst is still a head of them…  It is a story of an unexpected love affair, which tries to overcome harsh circumstances, in times of poverty and growing fascism. 

Photography by Liran Levi 


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