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Opening: October, 2016, The Yiddishpiel Theater, Tel-Aviv


Written by Aya Kaplan, based on short stories by I.L. Peretz

Director: Aya Kaplan

Music and Dramaturgy: Dori Parnas

Stage Design: Lili Ben Nachshon

Costume Design: Judith Aharon

Choreography: Amit Zamir

Actors: Yaakov Bodo, Israel Treistemo, Yonatan Rosen, Yuval Rapaport, Andrei Kashker, Irma Stefanov, Ronit Asher, Tracy Abramovitz


A Jewish musical drama, based on short stories of one of the greatest writers of Yiddish literature. Loyal to the spirit of I.L. Perez, the play brings to life a gallery of Jewish town's characters, existing in a world in which fantasy and reality, high and low, modern and traditional, are all mixed  together, creating anew a world of profound beauty and suffering. 



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