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From the rehearsals, All About Eve

The theater director\actor as a crime scene detective- text analysis workshop

The actor or director who leans over a play in order to "crack" it resembles, in my view, a police detective attempting to uncover a crime scene in order to reach for the truth.

During the workshop, we will learn a unique technique which I've developed, aimed for a quick and precise identification of clues hidden in unexpected placed inside the play, waiting to be uncovered.

The intimate six- meetings workshop is suited for experienced actors and directors who are interested in expanding their tool box, while developing greater independence along the work process, and becoming more skillful  in analyzing a dramatic text.


The workshop will engage the following topics:

  • Identifying the main theme, by reading the first three pages of the play.

  • How to draw an overwhelming dramatic move for a character.

  • How to identify all possible keys for a given scene, and how to choose the most appropriate one.


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