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Teibele and her Demon

Opening: April, 2015, Project "Art in the Negev"


A play by: Isaac Bashevis Singer and Eve Fridman

Translation: Dan Almagor

Adaptation: Hanan Snir and Dan Almagor

Directed by: Aya Kaplan

Choreography: Amit Zamir

Stage and Costume Design: Judith Aharon

Music:Avishay Alexander Fish

Lighting Design: Adi Shimrony

In a remote 19th century Jewish town lives Taybale, a beautiful young woman, whom her husband abandoned without a "get". Taybale takes comfort in managing her small sewing business, and reading kabbalist ghost tales. She doesn't suspect that Elchanan, the town's weirdo, is in love with her, watching her from a distance. 

One night Elchanan hears Tayble reading  her friend  a story about a demon who has the power to seduce any woman. Elchanan, who is desperate, decided to disguise himself as a demon in order to seduce Taybale. A Jewish dark tale, written by the great Jewish writer.

"Aya Kaplan has succesfuly directed a play, which goes beyond its parodic and comic aspects, emphasizing the feminism of Taybale and her friend, in a world where women are used by men to fulfill their needs and desires, while simultaneously – and surprisingly-she empowers the love emotions of the characters". ("Habama").

Photography by Maayan Kaufman


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