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A glimpse from the rehearsals

Thereze Raquin

Opening: 2012, at the Yoram Lowenstein Studio, Tel Aviv


A Play by: Emile Zola

Translation: Einat Bronovsky

Adapted and Directed by: Aya Kaplan

Choreography: Amit Zamir

Stage and Costume Design: Judith Aharon

Music: Tal Belcharovich

Lighting Design: Keren Gernek

Actors: Natalie Berman, Hila Shalev, Inbal Nir, Netanel azulay, Alex Karol, Dafi Alfren, Shir Cliper, Shoham Sheiner, Aviv Kushnir


An Innovative adaptation to a play written by Zola, following his own great novel. 

Madame Raquin, owner of a small store, marries her sick son to her niece Thereze. The two continue to live at the family estate. To this tiny bourgeois home comes a young energetic painter, by the name of Loraine, The disciplined and introvert Thereze is taken by Loraine's charm, and the two begin a passionate love affair, which stirs them both into an abyss of murder, delusion, and guilt.


"Kaplan succeeds in preserving, in her adaptation, important elements of the novel. The plot holds the right tempo, which speeds up from the moment the affair is being exposed and until the end.   In the middle, there is an unforgettable scene of the murder in the river… the quality of the play lays also in the actors on stage". ("Habama")

Photography by Raday Rubinstain


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