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A glimpse from the rehearsals

Wandering Stars

Opening: January, 2016, The Yiddishpiel Theater, Tel Aviv.


A Play by Joshua Sobol and Aya Kaplan, Based on Shalom Aleichem's Novel.

Director: Aya Kaplan

Choreography: Amit Zamir

Stage & Costume Design: Judith Aharon

Music: Dori Parnas

Lighting Design: Misha Charnievsky

Actors: Doron Tavori\Andrei Kashkar, Yehonatan Rosen, Yaakov Bodo, Anat Azmon, Hilit Deutch, Israel Traisman, Irma Stefanov, Miri Regendorfer, Yuval Rapoport and Niv Shafir


A wide and Colorful Drama, taking place on the background of the emerging Yiddish theater of the 19th century, written in the sharp humoristic manner of Shalom zx story of Leybel, son of the town's rich lord and Reizel, daughter of the poor cantor, who together flee town in order to join a wandering band of performing actors, but are separated during the first night of their escape, destined to wander alone in the world, while continuously seeking to reunite with each other. 

"Joshua Sobol and Aya Kaplan adapted the novel into stage, in what deserved to be called 'sophisticated naivety'. With limited means, and on a limited stage, they succeeded in unfolding an exciting story- with its colorful characters, multiple narratives and ideological statements. The play does not hesitate to dive into the stormy water of melodrama, while simultaneously maintaining a very simple, yet profound, theatrical language. With the help of a highly effective stage design (by Judith Aharon), together with a sensitive  choreography, they successfully translate into stage an almost epic narrative…". ("Haaretz")

Photography by Gerard Alon & Liran Levi

Videography by Tami Shacham


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