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A Tale of Love and Darkness

A historical drama, based on Amos Oz's renowned novel.

Premiered: December 2019, Khan theater. 


Director and Playwright: Aya Kaplan
Dramaturgy: Shachar Pinkas
Movement: amit Zamir
Music: Dori Parnas
Stage Design: Adam Keller
Costume Design: Svetlana Berger
Video: Guy Romem and Studio Insight

Actors: Yehoyachin Fridlander, Arie Cherner, Vitali Fridland Tamar Alkan-Meushar, Odelia More-Matalon, Carmit Mesilati-Kaplan, Yoav Hayman, Peter KnolerqYonatan Bar-Or

"It hearts and Hearts and hearts, until it's makes you laugh"

On the night before his sixtieth birthday, the dead relatives of Amos- a renowned writer- come to him and demand to be written.  Together with them he embarks on a night journey towards his childhood memories,  attempting to figure out when was it that his family fell apart, and why had his mother, Fania, committed suicide. A small, intimate family drama, painful but full of humor. The story of the Klausners-  a small family of three generations- captured through the big events of the era. 

A requiem for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees, attempting to build a new country, while trying to reformulate their own selves as well.  They simultaneously long for their old homes which they left behind, as well as for the new homeland they imagined. 

"A highly dramatic play, both sensitive and fascinating. An evening of artistic and emotional elevation". 
Avi Meller, "Tarbut Magazine"

"An unfoldment of the living, most bleeding pieces of human life… Each of the audience  feels as being part of the play's narrative, captured and stirred by all senses. An unforgettable play". 
Alis Blimental, "The Marker"

A Tale of Love and Darkness

Photography Yael Ilan

Videography Ram Gil


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