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A Wedding in Times of Plague

A Tragic Comedy in the Leprosarium

Following A Tale by I.L. Perez

Premiered: September 2021, Khan theater. 


Playwright and Director: Aya Kaplan


Dramaturgy & Original Music: Dori Parnas

Stage & Costume Design: Judith Aharon

Movement: Amit Zamir

Lighting Design: Roni Cohen

Assistant Director: Noa Ben-Ari

Producer: Judith Katz

Participants: Anan Abu-Jabar, Yara Azaryet, Carmit Mesilati-Kaplan, Shachar Netz, Yossi Eini, Suzana Papian, Naomi Promovitz-Pinkas, Erez Shafrir\Aryeh Cherner, Itai Shor, Ofer Grinberg, Nitzan Labretovsky.

Musicians: Yotam Ayzenstein, Israel Goshen, Michael Rosler, Elic Harpaz.

Photographer: Yael Ilan.

"At night, when darkness false, the old leprosarium comes to life. The nurses, the doctor, and the lepers welcome the audience on a journey, shrouded with mystery, around the shelter house, the disinfection rooms, the attic, and the dark garden. To overcome their solitude and fear, the lepers perform a play to their guests:

A stormy, funny love story by I.L. Perez, taking place in the nineteenth century, in a Jewish town awaiting an approaching cholera plague".

A night event, in which the audience - divided into four capsules- cross the walls surrounding the closed building, following the lepers' footsteps and entering an unfamiliar world, in which scenes are taking place in various, strange spaces, all over the old leprosarium. All this is done while maintaining social distance and disinfection, in line with the cholera plague. The event is accompanied by live music.

This event is a product of a unique and innovative collaboration between two Jerusalem- based institutions: Beit Hansen and the Khan theater, with the aid of The Jerusalem development Authority and The Jerusalem Foundation.


Photography Yael Ilan

Videography Ram Gil


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